Time to Time

More stories about living in Chicago.  Many moons ago, I was renting a carriage house in Lincoln Park, north of Chicago, from the Kretchmar family…whose unending support I can never repay.

At the time I was working at a music house, JoyArt, and learning a whole lot from Butch Stewart whose shop it was.At the time I actually had a few nickels to rub together, or put differently; I was not married and had no children.  So…I could afford to be extravagant with the music that I wanted to record.

I had come to know Arne Roth who knew many members of the amazing Chicago Symphony.  So putting 2 & 2 together meant that I would finally be able to record FROM TIME TO TIME, which was a broad stroke guitar based composition I had been harboring for years.

I asked my orchestral wingman Doug Howell to go to work on a section; asked Arne if I could hire a good portion of the orchestra; and practiced the nylon string guitar like a madman.  I must say that of all the hundreds of songs & compositions I written over the years, I’m struck by the emotional range and the pureness of the intent.  Hope you enjoy…it’s a bit of a ride.

David Barrett