The Secret of the Wind & Sail

I was touring for many, many months as an opening act for Art Garfunkel.

Talk about a dream tour

We were performing in San Diego at an amazing venue, Humphreys by the Bay.  It was a mild summer evening, and the sun was finding its way below the horizon.

Behind the stage was a bay full of sailboats that were making their way to & fro.

I took the stage and midway through my first song, I got an idea for this song…I tried to keep the title in mind as I sang for several thousand fans of Art.  (Writing a song while performing other songs is a very strange trick.)

I flew back to Nashville soon afterwards and wrote the most un-Nashville song ever written.  Later on the tour, the sound engineer, Stuart Breed, recorded it as I began to work it into my set.Just me and a guitar.  It still sounds like that summer evening to me…

David Barrett