Jan Krist: Hurricane

Songs from the Wine Cellar is a series by David that features one track (both released and unreleased material) and the story behind it.



Hurricane – By Jan Krist

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My dear songwriter friend, Jan Krist, came over to my home last year.

We decided that we’d write together.

We poked at an idea or two, when she picked up her guitar and started playing this new song of hers entitled HURRICANE.

Stop, what is that song Jan?  Oh, something I just wrote, her response.



Photo by ROMAN ODINTSOV on Pexels.com

I immediately called the recording studio and we drove over and she played it solo.  Simply put, it is a stunning song that I didn’t want to see swallowed up by inertia.  But then inertia did strike because of all the adult life crosscurrents that beset us all.

Time passed.  Unbeknownst to her, I finally enlisted Danny Kolton to lay down a bass part (thank you Dan); and a few months later asked my new young friend Chris Dupont (thank you Chris) to come play some electric guitar & sing like the songbird he is to compliment Jan’s vocals.

My job producing was simply not to gild the lily…
I delivered it to her a few days before Christmas this year…

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David Barrett