I Remember You

I Remember You

by David Barrett | Fever Diaries

The song, I Remember You was written while I was sick in bed with a temperature of 103, too wiped out to get up; too fevered to sleep…so I had some time on my hands.  As I laid there in a fever dream, a woman from the distant shore of my youth found me.  That was a time when the simple act of affection was not weighted down by the trappings of adult life.  It was simple.  A match was lit, the pupils dilated, smiles were given and received…’n off we went.  I tried to capture that whimsied innocence to let her know that I remembered her and that gossamer time.

When the sun sinks down…I remember you
When the moon’s so round…I remember you

As I walk through these days
My memory plays
Like a young boy…playing hooky from school
I remember you…

When I really laugh…I remember you
Like a photograph…

Every once in awhile
My memory smiles
And it’s a grin that I…I never outgrew
I remember you…

There’s a love that you never forget
A love that you never regret
Lord it meant more than you knew…

I remember you…

David Barrett