Songs from the Wine Cellar

Songs from the Wine Cellar is a series by David that features one track (both released and unreleased material) and the story behind it.

The Secret of the Wind & Sail

The Secret of the Wind & Sail

I was touring for many, many months as an opening act for Art Garfunkel. Talk about a dream tour… We were performing in San Diego at an amazing venue, Humphreys by the Bay.  It was a mild summer evening, and the sun was finding its way below the horizon. Behind the...

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Sally Hemings

Sally Hemings

I’d been touring nonstop for many, many months. When you’re on the road, it is very easy to slip into the “ESPN mode.”   Done with your concert, have a drink, return to hotel room, turn on ESPN. So I decided to read books instead.  I picked up the six-volume by Dumas...

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