“Over the years, I’ve written an assortment of themes for the major networks, particularly for world sporting events such as the Olympics.”

A Few Examples

The Gift – CBS/PGA Championship
Nagano – CBS Winter Olympics
Devotion – US Tennis Open

Going for the Gold – CBC Olympic Broadcast

Golden Street – CBS Sports NCAA Final Four

Young Sarah
CBS Sports Golf Series Broadcast Theme

Gold – CBS Sports Wyndham Hill Golf Tournament

“Anyone who creates for a living has an active inner life…it’s that simple. Ideas pass through that webbing and begin to take their shape over the course of days, months, and sometimes years. Then they arrive…and the fun begins.”

David Barrett

“After the unique emergence of my song One Shining Moment with CBS, I’ve been asked to write scores for a series of PBS historical documentaries.”

the magic never ends:
the life & work of c. s. lewis

Emmy Winning PBS Documentary

Beyond the Gridiron: The Life and Times of Woody Hayes

PBS Documentary

Herbert Hoover: Landslide

PBS Documentary

Arlington National Cemetery

Opening scene

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