Children's Music

A songwriter writes about what’s around him. That includes children. My children…

Here are a few paeans to them. The illustrations are courtesy of my dear friend Jan Krist who also is an amazing songwriter

Vocals on THE FLOWER NEEDS THE ROOT come from Nashville’s Sally Barris.

Enjoy them as much I did writing them…db

The Flower Needs the Root

This little snapshot began lifetimes ago. I was in the company of a friend who only spoke of gauzy perfection of things…as if this flower of perfection didn’t grow out the messy dirt of the earth. Of course that led me to extending that yin/yang to the broader interactions that we all see around us – often unheralded – but true all the same.

Ella on Swing

A dozen years ago, a dear friend brought her five-year-old daughter, Ella, for the weekend. She loved the swing set in the backyard. As the sun set in the background, I took a visual snapshot of the simple grace of her hair blowing back, the joy on her face, the elegance of it all. As these things go…I stored that snapshot in what I call “my mental attic” and years later I was sitting with a guitar in my lap one summer day, and “voila” the musical picture rushed out as easy as Ella on that swing…


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